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Autism, Abuse, Addiction, Cancer, Heart Attack, and Obesity...What do these all have in common? In my Kinesiology practice, I have found a common thread woven through the lives of each individual connecting all mankind to the same root cause...

Malfunctions in our Brain & Body Chemistry! It is my proposal to you that every Ailment, Behavior, Condition, and Diagnosis is correctable!

~Kimberly Gingras HHC
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Friday, October 11, 2013

Saving Victoria's Breasts
is finally here!

The new book by Fred Hughes is finally finished! More than five years in the making, Saving Victoria's Breasts is a shocking revelation which should lead to a revolution in the way medicine is practiced in the United States.

The book reveals the mouth/disease connection in great detail and is a candid true story about the cancer industry and especially breast cancer. A hint of this hard-hitting 440-page expose is found in the book's sub-title, “Exposing America's Shameful Breast Biopsy Scandal.”

The first 500 copies are numbered from 1 to 500 and imprinted with the words “Limited Edition” and are autographed by the author and Victoria.
Saving Victoria's Breasts is only available from the website:

The book will not be sold in bookstores, but will be available in coming months at many health food stores and offices of dentists, chiropractors, and thermographers.

Single copies are $29.95 plus shipping. Early orders can request a Limited Edition at no extra charge, but when the last Limited Edition is sold, there will be no more.

Case orders of 20 books per box are available for $399 ($19.95 per book) plus shipping.

Every woman in America age 17 to 70 needs to read this book, as well as the men who love them. Give books at Christmas this year. Saving Victoria's Breasts may be the most important gift you will ever give your loved one.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sometimes the real gems come when you least expect them!

Hello family and friends!
This is a book campaign launch I am doing with Eldon Taylor (Inner Talk Subliminal programming; Progressive Awareness; & Provocative Enlightenment Radio Talk Show). He is a NY Times Best Selling - Hay House published author. Click on the link for more info! This is worth your time to look at and share with your loved ones too. Easy tools to change the incorrect programming we inherited from our family history.
Sometimes the real gems come when you least expect them!
Read the New York Times Best-Seller, Choices and Illusions:

Monday, October 7, 2013

Spotlight Interview with Personal Trainer Allison Larsen

Spotlight Interview with Allison Larsen
Certified Personal Trainer, Zone Therapist, and Reiki Master

Hosted by: Heather Backman
Certified Holistic Health Coach and Zone Therapist

Allison Larsen is a one of a kind Personal Trainer! Rarely can you find a personal trainer who not only trains you physically, but also incorporates spiritual and emotional release as part of your fitness program. Allison is unique in that she is trained and certified in many holistic modalities that serve you as a client in creating long lasting fitness goals that leave you vibrant and alive.

Allison is the owner of Star Fitness Solutions. She is an incredible mentor and trainer. I had the incredible opportunity to have her as my mentor and personal trainer. I was amazed at the tremendous value she brought me. She helped me pick affirmations that were unique to my personal health goals that helped motivate me and helped me see myself more clearly for who I was and what I was becoming. There was a time when I was struggling physically and could not reach our planned fitness routine. I was surprised at how loving and supportive she was. She met me where I was at and cheered me on in the little I could do. She is great at guiding you to listen to your body and be aware of the things that need attention as well as the things that can be pushed for further achievement.

If Allison Larsen is a personal trainer that resonates with you in helping you achieve your health and wellness goals, then contact her right away! You will fall in love with her loving spirit and unique intuition. Her program is truly life changing! I know you will be greatly blessed by having her in your life as well as true joy in accomplishing not just your physical fitness goals, but whole body health and wellness.

A Special thanks to Kimberly Gingras for Boosting Brain Activity in honoring Allison Larsen as a spotlight interview in this post! Thank you so much!

The Kingdom Within (excerpt from Choices and Illusions by Eldon Taylor)

What if the world truly is magical? What if we were created to be co-creators with all the power to manifest miraculous lives if we but believed so? What if we were our own cheerleaders, full of encouragement and rah-rah support? A friend of mine, Terri Marie, wrote a marvelous little book all about being our own cheerleaders. The book, entitled Be the Hero of Your Dream, suggests that we are usually good at encouraging others but then tell ourselves all the reasons why we cannot succeed. What if we believed that we were created with every good possibility in our hands to be the very best of ourselves, to use our unique talents and abilities in ways that might astound many, to have happiness, peace, balance, and harmony in every day in everything we do? What if our Father in Heaven looked upon us with the love and blessings that human parents have when they behold their newborn child and with His all-good, all-powerful, and all knowing best offered all that He had to us?
I believe that God, or whatever term you are comfortable with for the Creator, has done just that. Remember Mark Twain’s story in his book Letters to Earth? The point of the story was, hide God where mankind will never look. Hide Him within man—the last place he will ever look!
While I was lecturing abroad, a wonderful man approached me with some questions. He had resigned his priesthood two years earlier because he felt inadequate. He recognized that he had provided help to many but was disturbed that he himself was not worthy to give good advice. His thoughts were not all pure, and besides, he too was born a sinner.
We spoke for some time. I asked him several questions. In the end, he admitted that no one could be worthy according to that which he had been taught. Like many, he had been trained to believe that the Grand Organizing Designer had created him imperfectly. He was born a sinner, here to endure with courage and faith the suffering that he would experience. Further, this very suffering was necessary for him to prove his devotion and love for God. Since he had been a Christian priest, training for twelve years as such, I asked him about some of the words of Jesus. According to Jesus, “The kingdom of heaven is within.” Further, “My Father has many mansions. Why would you use my words and not do my deeds? All that I do, you will do and more. If you had faith but as tiny as a mustard seed.” All of these quotations in context clearly suggest that God dwells within all of us. They also suggest that Christ consciousness is what we should all seek to achieve. Indeed, Jesus states very clearly that we are all his brothers and sisters. Nowhere does Christ suggest that we are poor pitiful creatures created to suffer. The message of Christ is love!
From here our conversation entered the domain of Christian mysticism and this led to the “I AM” presence. “I am that I am,” spoken by God to Moses. The Great I AM presence is the kingdom of heaven, or God/Christ consciousness within. (This is a study worth undertaking but one that is beyond the scope of this work, so I suggest “The I AM Discourses” published by St. Germain Press if you wish to pursue this further.) I was then asked, “Is this the reason that all of your affirmations on InnerTalk programs begin with ‘I am?’”
My mind flashed back to a small bookstore in Reno, Nevada, where nearly 20 years before I was asked the same question. “Actually,” I answered, “the research shows this is the best way to state the affirmations. I do find it interesting that it is the declarative, ‘I am.’” We then spoke of prayer. The ancient texts were often interpreted incorrectly. The word ask, when translated correctly, should read declare. Declaring is creating, not petitioning. At length we had traveled around the world and examined many religious systems. We agreed, whether Christ consciousness or Buddha consciousness, whether from the Upanishads or the Bible, whether Lao Tse or Zoroaster, all the great living religions taught love at their core. Suffering as some creation made imperfectly and therefore unable to avoid sin, begging for salvation and so forth, was not the teaching. No—to the contrary, the GOD within created all with the ability to manifest miracles, if they but had faith the size of a tiny mustard seed.
It was then that the lights went on in the mind of my new friend. “Oh, I get it. When you teach people to suffer, even indirectly, you claim suffering for them and yourself. How could I have missed that? No wonder I always felt guilty and ashamed.”
This gentleman has since made some remarkable changes in his life. He still helps people, but now he empowers them to help themselves. Through forgiveness, releasing guilt and blame and therefore shame, today he teaches the unlimited power within. All of this begins by taking responsibility for everything in our own life.
Earlier I suggested an acronym for fear. Let me suggest a couple more: False Evidence Appearing Real and Forget Everything And Run. You were not created imperfectly to fear the world or anything else for that matter. You are, as Dyer puts it, “A God experience walking.”

Eldon Taylor
Eldon Taylor is a New York Times best-selling author and is considered to be an expert in the field of subconscious learning. He has made a lifelong study of the human mind and has earned doctoral degrees in psychology and metaphysics. He is a Fellow with the American Psychotherapy Association (APA) and a nondenominational minister. Eldon has served as an expert witness in court cases involving hypnosis and subliminal communication.
Eldon was a practicing criminalist for over ten years specializing in lie detection and forensic hypnosis. Today he is president and director of Progressive Awareness Research, Inc. Since 1984 his books, audio programs, lectures, radio and television appearances have approached personal empowerment from the cornerstone perspective of forgiveness, gratitude, self-responsibility and service.