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Autism, Abuse, Addiction, Cancer, Heart Attack, and Obesity...What do these all have in common? In my Kinesiology practice, I have found a common thread woven through the lives of each individual connecting all mankind to the same root cause...

Malfunctions in our Brain & Body Chemistry! It is my proposal to you that every Ailment, Behavior, Condition, and Diagnosis is correctable!

~Kimberly Gingras HHC

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Healing at the Speed of Sound™ Workshop

Location: Weber State University, Shepherd Union Bldg
Dates: Thursday, June 2, 2011
Hours: 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM
Cost: $95

Join authors Don Campbell and Alex Doman for a day of practical, clinical and creative updates on sound, music and silence based on their new book,
Healing At The Speed of Sound.

In this workshop, you will learn:
The amazing history of Listening Therapies and their practical applications in education and healthcare.
New trends in brain research that help us understand how the brain processes auditory stimulation.
How to combine music you love with a variety of classical and popular styles to create your own personal soundtrack for each day.

Engage your voice, mind and body in this unforgettable day of sound nutrition and creativity.

Don Campbell
Don Campbell is a leading lecturer and consultant to healthcare organizations as well as corporations and parenting groups. He works with audiences of symphony orchestras on how music can affect learning, health, and other aspects of our lives. He is Acoustic and Musical Director of Aesthetic Audio Systems, an innovative company that provides quality music to healthcare facilities and has served for the past ten years on the Board of the American Music Research Center at the University of Colorado. In 2006, he was honored as “Signature Sinfonian” with the Award for Outstanding Service to Music and Education from Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity. He has also been awarded “Director Emeritus” of the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra and now provides the pre-concert lecture series and directs the SuperListening™ Club.

Author of 23 books including Music: Physician for Times to Come, The Harmony of Health, and the 1997 best-seller, The Mozart Effect®, Mr. Campbell has lectured in over 25 countries. He has also produced 16 albums, including the accompanying music for the Mozart Effect series for adults and children, which dominated the classical Billboard charts in 1998 and 1999. His newest book Healing At the Speed of Sound® will be published in the fall of 2011.

In Campbell's unique view, music is not only a rich and rewarding aesthetic experience, but also an easily accessible bridge to a more creative, intelligent, healthy, and joy-filled life. His singular mission is to help return music to its central place in the modern world, as a resource for growth, development, health, and celebration.

Alex Doman
Alex Doman is an author and producer whose products are used by people in more than 35 countries. His work is based on music effects research and principles of human development and neuroplasticity focusing on improving academic, cognitive, and communication abilities. He is founder and CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies, a leading provider of products, which improve brain function with solutions for consumers, schools, therapy clinics, health care facilities, and the military.

Creator and co-producer of the multi award winning Music for Babies™ music collection and collaborator on more than 50 other albums and programs including the Sound Health® series, The Listening Program®, and Music for the Mind™, he has trained thousands of healthcare, education, and music professionals in the application of music-based therapies around the world. Alex has lectured throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, Latin America and the Middle East.

Alex is co-author of Healing at the Speed of Sound™ a non-fiction book about how the new science of sound and music can help us improve our lives. Hudson Street Press (Penguin USA) Release October 2011.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eldon Taylor's - New Book Launch

New York Times Bestselling Author and featured "PTN?" documentary interviewee, has just released his new Hay House Publication,
"What If: The Challenge of Self-Actualization."

 This new book is not just a fascinating read but a transformational experience that allows your true self to flourish!"Few are the authors who turn you inside out, who blow up your preconceived notions and cause you to become honest with yourself through and through. That's precisely what happens when you read What If? I highly recommend this book to those who are unflinching in their journey to the Authentic Self."Michael Bernard Beckwith, author, Spiritual Liberation
Have your ever felt just a little off? Sensing or experiencing a sort of discontent-the kind that leaves you disquieted? Or how about those feelings that life is going by and somehow you are missing something or that just around the corner there lurks a sure and certain peril? Are you addicted to consuming, dreaming of how you can obtain more, more of everything-money, power, fame, esteem, and so on? Have you tried self-help only to be disappointed in its bandaging effect? These are some of the signs of what Eldon calls Falsophrenia-a new Global Pandemic?

If you relate to any of this then What If? The Challenge of Self-Realization is something you must read!

Oil Pulling (some call it oil swishing) -

What is Oil Pulling?

Oil Pulling is a safe, simple, cheap and gentle procedure who's benefits range from bringing health to your mouth and ridding your mouth of harmful toxins and bacteria, to a method that cures and prevents diseases and extends your healthy life.

Studies are on-going, but the procedure is gaining more and more popularity as people are finding success and positive results with oil pulling. We will explain the details of oil pulling later in this article, but the basics involve pulling and swishing 1 tablespoon of Coconut, Olive, Grapeseed or some other quality oil around your mouth and through your teeth for up to 20 Min., then spitting. The therapy is simple and completely harmless, as you do not ingest medication or drugs.

Oil pulling was practiced in Ayurvedic medicine. Modern oil pulling was introduced in 1992 by Dr. F. Karach, MD. Dr. Karach claimed that this treatment will achieve remarkable results with illnesses like migraine headaches, bronchitis, diseased teeth, arterio thrombosis, chronic blood disorders such as leukemia, arthritis and related illnesses, neuro-physiological paralysis, eczema, gastro enteritis, peritonitis, heart disease, kidney disease, meningitis, and woman's hormonal disorders are completely eliminated from the organism. Dr. Karach's claims that oil pulling heals the whole body in perpetuity. He sites results with terminal diseases such as cancer, aids and chronic infections.

According to the African Journal of Microbiology Research, oil pulling is an effective defense against the bacteria associated with dental caries (tooth decay). Studies show that it has also been beneficial in the elimination of bleeding gums, the fastening of loose teeth and the visible whitening of the teeth.

Many advocates of oil pulling suggest safflower, sunflower or vegetable oil, but more and more studies and successes are finding higher quality oils are more effective. The anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties of whole, extra virgin coconut oil makes it the perfect choice for oil pulling and certainly is gaining popularity.

The use of essential oils added to the primary pulling oil is slow to find it's way to most oil pulling enthusiasts because of the lack of superior essential oils that are CPTG quality. But as people discover how a CPTG essential oil can benefit oil pulling, essential oils will become more and more popular in oil pulling.

Does maintaining a healthy mouth help you have a healthy body?

Up-and-coming science suggests that advanced gum disease can be linked to diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and pre-term birth.

The Early stages of gum disease is gingivitis-which affects a majority of all adults at some point in their lives, and most don't even know it.

Many theories exist and more studies are underway to explore the connection between good oral health and overall health. The conclusions lead us to know that a healthy mouth leads only to good things.

Lets explore these connections more -

Persistent halitosis (bad breath) is often a sign of a more serious problem in your mouth. Poor oral hygiene and gum disease are the primary causes of halitosis.

It is estimated that around 50% of adults have some form of gingivitis. Gingivitis, if left untreated, may progress to a more serious condition called periodontitis.

Besides weakening your teeth to the point of loosing them, studies suggest that periodontitis may affect the health of your entire body.

On going studies suggests that periodontitis may be associated with diabetes, heart disease, and numerous other health issues.

Heart Disease and Heart Attack -

Studies suggest that advanced gum disease may be a contributing factor to heart disease. The theory is that gum disease or periodontitis, allow oral germs to enter the bloodstream. These germs may affect the heart by attaching to the fatty plaques in your arteries, contributing to the formation of clots. According to this theory, these clots, in turn, can cause the restriction of blood flow (a.k.a. atherosclerosis) which may lead to a heart attack.

Stroke -

On going studies also suggest that advanced gum disease may be associated with the presence of blocked arteries in the brain, a condition which may lead to a stroke.

Further studies advise that gum disease, if allowed to progress, may allow germs to enter the bloodstream. These germs may attach to the fatty plaques in your arteries, contributing to the formation of clots. According to this theory, these clots, in turn, can cause the restriction of blood flow and, in some cases, a stroke.

Diabetes -
Emerging science also suggests that diabetes and gum disease may be linked. Not only does diabetes increase your chance of gum infection, but gum infection may make diabetes harder to control.

Diabetics are significantly more likely to develop gum disease because of the way diabetes slows the body's natural healing process. Research also suggests that advanced gum disease may have an adverse effect on blood-sugar levels-potentially making diabetes treatment less effective.

Can essential oils help with oral care, therefore health care?

This is where effective oral care can become a necessary part of health care. Essential oils used the with an oral care routine that includes brushing, flossing and oil pulling with anti-septic and anti-bacterial essential oils can prevent gingivitis and peridontitis, thus improving our over all health care.

Exactly how do you do it?

Prior to breakfast on an empty stomach you take one tablespoon of coconut or other carrier oil and add 3-6 drops of essential oils.

Add your essential oils based on issues. They might include, but are NOT limited to:

On Guard - General immune system, mouth and gum health, teeth problems, halitosis, cold, flu, sore throat, virus.

Oregano - Flu, Cold, Virus, sore throat, swollen glands, cold sores, herpes, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antibiotic, anti viral.
Clove - Mouth and Gum, analgesic, anti-biotic, and antiseptic.
Frankincense - Analgesic, cold & flu, mouth surgery, mouth trauma, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory.
Geranium - mouth and gum, throat, laryngitis, analgesic, antiseptic
Grapefruit - Cleansing, detoxifying, anti-septic, antibacterial.
Lemon - Cleansing, detoxifying, cold, sore throat, anti-septic.
Lemongrass - herpes, halitosis,
Melaleuca - Cold, flu, Immune system, braces irritation, Gum and mouth sores, Congestion, herpes, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial,, antiseptic.
Myrrh - mouth, teeth and gum, cold & flu, tonsillitis, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antiseptic.

Take the oils into the mouth but do not swallow it. Move the oil slowly in the mouth as rinsing or swishing and as Dr Karach puts it; " sip, suck and pull through the teeth" for fifteen to twenty minutes. This process thoroughly mixes the oils with saliva. Swishing activates the enzymes and the enzymes draw toxins out of the blood. The oil must not be swallowed, for it has become toxic. As the process continues, the oil gets thinner and white. It is then spit from the mouth, the oral cavity must be thoroughly rinsed and mouth must be washed thoroughly. Just use normal tap water and brush with normal toothpaste, or on guard with water.

This has in effect pulled toxins and poisons out through the mucous membranes of the mouth to be expelled. If you use virgin coconut oil, expel into the garbage, as it can solidify in the drain.

It is important to understand that during the oil-pulling/swishing process one's metabolism is intensified. Many feel this leads to improved health. For many, the most striking results of this process is the fastening of loose teeth, the healing of sores, the elimination of bleeding gums and the visible whitening of the teeth.
The oil pulling /swishing is done best before breakfast. To accelerate the healing process, it can be repeated three times a day, but it is always best before meals on an empty stomach.

Remember, do not swallow. The oil should be spat out.

Per Dr. Karach, that this treatment will achieve remarkable results with illnesses like migraine headaches, bronchitis, diseased teeth, arterio thrombosis, chronic blood disorders such as leukemia, arthritis and related illnesses, neuro physiological paralysis, eczema, gastro enteritis, peritonitis, heart disease, kidney disease, meningitis, and women's hormonal disorders are completely eliminated from the organism. The benefit according to Dr. Karach's is that the oil therapy heals the whole body in perpetuity. In terminal diseases such as cancer, aids and chronic infections Dr. Karach reports this treatment method has been shown to achieve astonishing results.
Recommended Reading;
Oil Pulling Therapy
The Coconut Oil Miracle
Dr. Bruce Fife,
Dr. Jon J. Kabara
Google: Oil Pulling

Saturday, April 2, 2011

New TLP Provider Through ABT (Advanced Brain Technologies): Kimberly Gingras!

I am in the final phases of becoming a provider for The listening Program (TLP) through ABT! I'm so excited to add this new therapy to my credentials, and offer this to my clientele, family, friends, and for my self of course. Everyone would benefit from this program. It is amazing how almost everything is connected to our auditory system, and the inner ear. The vestibular system is located in the inner ear. Please see my video bar for a fun child like explanation of the vestibular system. My goal is to complete the rest of my online training course before this weekend is over.

The Listening Program® (TLP) is a music listening therapy, that provides engaging brain stimulation to improve performance in school, work and life. Systematic training is provided through listening to beautiful psychoacoustically modified classical music which trains the brain to process sound more efficiently.

This leads to improvements in many areas including:

Sensory Processing
Social Engagement
Self Regulation
Musical Ability
Brain Fitness
Daily Living

Here are ABT's up coming events:

Healing at the Speed of Sound™ Workshop
Cost: $95.00
June 2 - Open to: Everyone

ABT Provider Forum
Cost: Free
June 2 - Open to: ABT Providers

ABT Open House
Cost: Free
June 2 - Open to: Everyone

ISQRMM Inaugural Music & Medicine Symposium
Cost: $110 (You will pay ISQRMM separately)
June 3 - Open to: Everyone
TLP Provider Certification Course
Cost: $600 until May 4
$650 after May 4
June 4-6 - Open to: Healthcare, music, and education professionals.