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Autism, Abuse, Addiction, Cancer, Heart Attack, and Obesity...What do these all have in common? In my Kinesiology practice, I have found a common thread woven through the lives of each individual connecting all mankind to the same root cause...

Malfunctions in our Brain & Body Chemistry! It is my proposal to you that every Ailment, Behavior, Condition, and Diagnosis is correctable!

~Kimberly Gingras HHC

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Brain Health

Published from the Institute of Healing Arts in Pleasant Grove, UT

Omega-3 fatty acids or fish oil is one of the best supplements that not only benefits brain function, but it can also help to maintain a healthy heart, joint function and can even help with weight loss.

CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant and energy booster within all cells, particularly in the heart and brain. Aging is accompanied by a loss of CoQ10 and without it, your brain can't work at full power.

Ginkgo biloba has long been associated with stabilization or improvement in memory and reasoning even with Alzheimer's patients.

Exercise has been touted to do everything from treat depression to improve memory, with the power to cure a host of problems while preventing even more. In particular, exercise leads to the release of certain neurotransmitters in the brain that alleviate pain, both physical and mental.

As for music's emotional impact, there is some indication that music can affect levels of various hormones, including cortisol (involved in arousal and stress), testosterone (aggression and arousal) and oxytocin (nurturing behavior) as well as trigger release of the natural opiates known as endorphins.

Friday, June 8, 2012

IBS and Digestive Issues: 5 Categories of FODMAP Trigger Foods Could Cause Countless Symptoms

Was it something you ate? 5 categories of high-residue foods known as FODMAPs feed bacteria to cause fermentation in the gut, leading to symptoms like cramping, bloating, heartburn, diarrhea, headaches, and even depression.

GMOs have been linked with intestinal and reproductive damage, food allergies, and even increased infant mortality! A GMO, or a genetically modified organism, was developed in a laboratory for agricultural purposes to help crops tolerate herbicides or work as a self-generating insecticide.
It should come as no surprise that genetically modified foods cause deep toxicity within the body. For instance, the genetic information found in GM soy can actually transfer to the bacteria into our inner ecosystem. GM foods have contributed to the development of many common diseases in the US, including premature aging, immune imbalances, gastrointestinal problems, organ damage, and more.
To protect your inner ecosystem, choose non-GMO, organic foods whenever possible. Keep in mind that many GM food crops may not be labeled, like corn, soy, Hawaiian papaya, some zucchini, and some corn on the cob. On top of that, make it a practice to eat fermented foods and drink probiotic beverages every day to populate your gut with friendly bacteria and heal your body from the inside out! For more info go to:

Must-Avoid Foods: Linking GMO to Toxicity and Disease

Genetically modified foods have contributed to the spread of some of the most common diseases in the US today. GMOs are considered a silent killer in the food industry - causing premature aging, reproductive disorders, gastrointestinal problems, and long-term organ damage.

For so many people, certain foods trigger digestive issues, while others don't cause a reaction at all. Many foods that wreak havoc on the digestive tract are high-residue foods, which leave behind large amounts of food particles that bacteria can feed on to cause fermentation.
Foods that ferment quickly in the digestive tract are known as FODMAPs. This fermentation quickly leads to symptoms like bloating, cramping, diarrhea, fatigue, headaches, and much more. Even though small amounts of FODMAP foods may be well tolerated, each person has their own threshold for these trigger foods that fall into 5 specific categories, including:
  1. Beans and lentils
  2. Wheat, onions, and cabbage
  3. Dairy
  4. Fruit, agave, and honey
  5. Xylitol
To get rid of unpleasant digestive symptoms and protect your inner ecology at the same time, consider a low-FODMAP diet used with the Body Ecology Principle of food combining. Just like the Principle of Uniqueness states, we all function differently. Make sure to track your FODMAP intake so that you can avoid trigger foods and keep your digestive health on track.

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It looks like this:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Cleaning! Cleansing your Body and Soul!

According to Chinese medicine, spring is about rebirth, growth, and renewal. What better time to purge the body of toxins that have accumulated over the fall and winter seasons?
In an ideal world, our diet and our environment would be toxin-free, and there would be little need to tackle a full-body cleanse.
The news is full of how our modern environment - whether it be the food we eat, the water we drink, or the air we breathe - is being contaminated.
But exposure to toxins is not limited to our environment. What happens when we overload the body with convenience foods that are full of refined sugar and processed oils? Or when we are so busy with work and family that we don’t have time to exercise?
Whether we overwhelm our bodies with too much food, too much work, or too much stress and stimulation, a full-body cleanse can give the digestive system a much needed rest. This, in turn, can restore and revitalize our energy centers, such as the adrenal glands, and it can also soothe the nervous system.

Working with the Body

It’s important to remember that some forms of cleansing can be shocking to the body. We may experience emotional outbursts. We may develop a rash, break out with cystic acne, catch a cold, or discharge large amounts of mucous from our lungs or even in our stool.
When the barrier systems in the body are not strong, the effects of a cleanse can be extreme and even debilitating. This is why it is essential to work with the body.
Most programs, cleanse kits, and detox fads are not meant to work with the body. Many attempt to flush your system with laxatives and bulking fiber to give you the sense that you are really eliminating a lot of toxins, which isn’t usually the case.
Or, there will be a reliance on fruit juices or honey that feed Candida and systemic infection in the body.
The detoxification process is much like removing the layers of an onion. In other words: the more we cleanse, the more layers we uncover that need support and renewal.
This is why there is no need to rush the process. In fact, the more gentle and patient you are, the more benefits you will receive.
Keep in mind too that as we cleanse, the process typically becomes easier to manage.
Working with the body during a full-body detox means that we:
Did you know that more than 140 contaminants have been found in tap water alone? Tap water could contain prescription drugs like antidepressants, antibiotics, painkillers, and even birth control pills to pollute your body with harmful chemicals.
  • Cleanse the major pathways of elimination first - such as the colon.
  • Support a cleanse with plenty of little helpers, such as beneficial bacteria - many of which can naturally metabolize toxins and heavy metals.
  • Make sure that important barrier systems, such as the lining of the gastrointestinal tract and the blood brain barrier, are intact beforebeginning a more aggressive cleanse, such as chelation therapy.
  • Support the body with plenty of antioxidant-rich foods and botanicals.
  • Listen to the body and stop or slow down when necessary.
If you have never gone through a full-body cleanse that includes diet modifications, probiotic-rich foods, and botanicals, move through the detox program one step at a time.

Top 5 Sources of Toxins

Here are the top 5 sources of toxins, along with recommendations to reduce your exposure:
1.    Food – Your food has more toxins than you may think. The biggest culprit for toxic exposure is processed foods, which are full of chemical additives that can create symptoms ranging from cravings and weight gain to poor digestive health and food allergies.
But it’s not just packaged food you must avoid. Conventional produce is also full of pesticides. In fact, over one billion pounds of pesticides are used on food in the US alone. These pesticides have been linked to symptoms ranging from muscle cramps and heart rate changes to irritability and emotional instability.
To reduce your exposure to food toxins: Choose whole foods instead of processed foods. In addition, choose organic fruits and vegetables. Organic produce is grown without harmful pesticides and even better, the soil is more mineral-rich. Eating organic, whole foods is a great step you can take toward health and wellness.
2.    Water – Do you know the source of your water? These days, knowing where your water comes from is of the utmost importance. Your body is between 70%-90% water, and the water you drink is critical to hydrating your body at the cellular level.
Tap water is teeming with toxins. The Environmental Working Group found over 140 contaminants in tap water. In addition, over the past few years, studies have shown that pharmaceuticals, like prescription and over-the-counter drugs, are being found in tap water. Some of the most common drugs found in water are: antibiotics, anti-depressants, birth control pills, seizure medication, cancer treatments, pain killers, tranquilizers, and cholesterol-lowering compounds.
Many bottled waters have been shown to be just as bad as tap water in most cases, not to mention toxins that leach from the plastic bottles themselves.
To reduce your exposure to water toxins: Choose well sourced spring water and avoid drinking tap water or showering without a filter.
3.    Environment – Whether inside your home or outside your home, the environment is also a major source of toxins. Pollution from manufacturing, cars, and second hand cigarette smoke can be challenging to avoid. However, you can avoid many of the toxins inside and around your home.
Too many people use harsh household cleaners containing bleach, ammonia, and other toxic chemicals that can cause health problems ranging from nausea to skin destruction, fluid in the lungs, and wheezing.
To reduce your exposure to environmental toxins: Some people choose to live in rural locations for the clean air and land. However, short of moving, you can do several things to avoid environmental toxins. At home, you can switch your cleaning products to those with all-natural ingredients.
4.    Beauty and personal care products – The products we use to look our best may actually be the biggest source of aging and other adverse symptoms. Beauty products like toothpaste, lotion, anti-aging creams, soap, shampoo, conditioner, perfumes, and makeup are full of toxic chemicals.
To reduce your exposure to toxins in beauty and personal care products: Read ingredient labels on your personal care products. Anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body.
Some important ingredients to avoid in your beauty and personal care products are: Sodium laurel sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, triclosan (found in antibacterial products), Parabens (Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, p-Propylparaben, Isobutylparaben, n-Butylparaben and Benzylparaben), mineral oil, petroleum, Diethanolamine DEA, Cocamide DEA, Lauramide DEA, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, talc, lanolin, and phthalates.
5.    Stress and negative thinking – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that up to 90% of all illness and disease is due to stress. Stress can kill the good bacteria and yeast living in your intestines that keep your immunity and digestive health strong.
As the good bacteria and yeast die off, the bad bacteria and yeast are able to take over. Body Ecology teaches that this creates an imbalanced inner ecosystem, which can set the stage for illness and disease.
by Body Ecology
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Addictive than cocaine!

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Americans are eating more sugar than ever before, and the trend doesn't seem like it will stop anytime soon. This dramatic rise in sugar consumption is caused by the industrialization and commercialization of the American food system; we are eating food made by large manufacturers that are more interested in making money than they are in public health.
The bad news is that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. Sugar triggers a sense of pleasure and reward with each bite, which keeps us coming back for more - while altering our brain chemistry for the worst.
To break your sugar habit once and for all, here are 3 tips that you can use today:

  1. Eat sour foods to curb sugar cravings.
  2. Eat fermented foods and probiotic beverages to support digestion with beneficial bacteria.
  3. Use stevia anytime you're craving something sweet.   

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Letter from Author: Eldon Taylor "Book Launch - I Believe!" Testimonial by Lindsay Wagner aka: Bionic Woman

Dear Friends,

Well, we have just launched my new book, I Believe, and I cannot tell you how excited I am about it. In I Believe: When What You Believe Matters, I reveal the extent to which our inner controller dictates success or failure in every aspect of our lives. This discovery is so powerful that not to know it is almost a certain path to failure. The strength of this solution is literally coded in your mind.

I know you are already familiar with the mind/body connection and the power of positive thinking, but the information I present here shows that this power of belief goes much further. I'm not talking about one belief or a few beliefs, but every single tiny little belief--the ramifications are simply immense!

I Believe is now available at all fine bookstores, and comes with a f r e e InnerTalk CD. As you know, that is a $27.95 value and you can get the book and CD for less than $20!

"I Believe is one of those special books to be experienced and contemplated not just read and the information recorded. Enjoy the journey... I did."
~ Lindsay Wagner,
Emmy Award winning actress, author and advocate of human potential

I think the information I share in this book is so important that I want all of my subscribers to get a copy. To that end, when you buy just one copy of I Believe, you can enter a drawing to win one of two customized InnerTalk libraries, valued at $500 each. So that means $500 to purchase any InnerTalk programs you would like--for yourself or for your loved ones. PLUS: Everyone who purchases a copy of I Believe will also get immediate access to my InnerTalk program, High Self Esteem. And this is of course in addition to the f r e e InnerTalk CD that comes with the book! So go get the book--You will love it!

In fact, numerous leading luminaries in the self-improvement field feel the same and are giving away tons of gifts and prizes valued at approximately $10,000. Don't miss the opportunity to win incredible prizes from Hay House, Lindsay Wagner (Bionic Woman), James Van Praagh, Bob Doyle Dr. Norman Shealy, Dr. Alex Loyd and Caroline Sutherland.

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"The ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus taught his students that what happens to them is not as important as what they believe happens to them. In this engaging and provocative book, Eldon Taylor provides his readers with specific ways in which their beliefs can lead to success or failure in their life undertakings. Each chapter provides nuggets of wisdom as well as road maps for guiding them toward greater self-understanding, balance, responsibility, and compassion."
~ Dr. Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.,
author and Professor of Psychology and Humanistic Studies at Saybrook University

I Believe: When What You Believe Matters! reveals the importance of choosing your beliefs and the effects these choices have on the quality of your life--impacting areas that may surprise you in ways you have not thought of. From influencing how long you will live and how your DNA expresses itself to what you will allow yourself to see and hear, I promise that you will be astounded at the many consequences for every single belief. It's like a spider web that continually builds upon itself often trapping us where we don't want to be.

Go here for more information.

"I Believe is an inspiring book that shows you all the benefits of choosing your beliefs carefully."
~ John Gray, Ph.D.,
New York Times best-selling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Let me remind you: To do the impossible - you must first believe it IS possible! As I state in I Believe, "The courage to change your life is a process, one step at a time. The wisdom required to take that action rests within all of us. With every step we take, our confidence increases and we realize the true power of the gift of life. In this process, we find that believing in ourselves unlocks so much magic that life takes on an entirely new glorious nature."

This is a limited time event--don't wait! Click on the link below to take the first step in discovering your true potential and create a positive change in your life today. Not only will you be making one of the best investments of your life, but you can enter the drawing to win one of two customized InnerTalk libraries, valued at $500 each, download my InnerTalk program for High Self Esteem, enter drawings to win fabulous gifts from Lindsay Wagner, James Van Praagh, Bob Doyle, Dr. Norman Shealy, Dr. Alex Loyd, Caroline Sutherland and Hay House--in fact access to approximately $10,000 in amazing gifts and prizes!

Join the party!

Wishing you love, light and laughter, always!


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Friday, January 20, 2012

What Every Girl & Woman Needs to Know NOW if They Ever Want to Have a Baby

Autism, Down Syndrome, ADD, childhood obesity and diabetes ... the rate of serious childhood diseases is on the rise, with these epidemics leading the way. Why? And what can be done about it?
The Center for Disease Control currently estimates that an entire generation of children born since 2000 will be the first generation ever who will die before their parents do.1
The loss of one of my children or my granddaughter would be my most difficult life challenge, so I already feel the pain of the millions of young parents whose children are around the age of 7. How many will live to bury the child they gave birth to only a short time ago?
Women are delivering low birth weight and pre-term babies in epidemic numbers, and both conditions accurately predict future health problems like Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
Even more troubling, rates of autism have increased from 1 in 10,000 to 1 child out of 166! 2
At a time when giving birth to a healthy baby seems more and more difficult, most women are unaware of how their nutrition and lifestyle can positively impact the health of their future child.
Read on to learn about common conditions that affect the health of unborn babies and then discover how the Body Ecology program can create wellness for both mother and child.

Problems During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, many changes occur in a woman's body including:
  • Your progesterone rises, which is natural and very good because this hormone is essential for retaining the fetus. However, along with elevated progesterone, blood sugar also increases. Both blood sugar and progesterone play an important role in your developing baby's brain yet this increased blood sugar (along with ever-increasing stress and a diet of sugary processed foods) sets the stage for a systemic yeast infection to become even more acute.
  • Your immune system is weakened so that your own antibodies do not see your developing baby as an enemy. This makes it more difficult for your immune system to stave off bacterial, viral and fungal infections.
Studies show that as many as 85% of women have a vaginal infection when they give birth3 and pass on dangerous pathogens to their newborn babies instead of the beneficial bacteria that create a foundation for wellness.
Babies who lack an abundance of beneficial bacteria start life with gastrointestinal pain like colic reflux and even infant constipation. They will not develop the necessary immunity and will not be able to cleanse out the inherited toxins from their parents and grandparents.
From this state of weakened immunity the baby is vulnerable to more serious problems including autism.

The Infection/Autism Connection

Understanding fungal infections may be the key to unlocking the mystery of autism. When a woman has a systemic fungal infection (candidiasis) she can infect her baby, and neither of them may have any visible symptoms!
Babies born with yeast in their gut (inherited from mothers with candidiasis) lack the normal healthy bacteria that establish a thriving immune system.
A baby's blood-brain barrier isn't formed until 6 weeks after birth. Before the blood-brain barrier is formed, there is potential for fungal, bacterial and viral infections to enter your baby's brain.
A baby born without an inner ecosystem and therefore a healthy immune system is not a good candidate for vaccinations like the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella). Their weak immune systems cannot develop antibodies to the viruses and instead the infant actually becomes infected with the disease that the vaccination was intended to prevent!
Vaccinations were originally created for people with strong immune systems who had resistance to the pathogens that were injected into their blood stream. Newborn babies have not had time to build strong immune systems. Without a healthy inner ecosystem, the immune system will never be strong.
Most parents of autistic children tell us that their child appeared to be "normal" upon birth. They may have had some health issues like digestive disturbances, constipation, frequent colds and ear infections - yet when vaccinated (often with the MMR at 18 months) their child began to regress in their language development and social behaviors. Their behavior even becomes abnormal, much like a schizophrenic. If you look at photos of these children you can see from their eyes that they appear to have an infection in their brain.
Our theory at Body Ecology (based on my research) is that upon inoculation with these three live viruses, the child who is not strong enough to be vaccinated is instead infected. The mumps virus in particular will cause the child's blood pressure to elevate. Elevated blood pressure will open the blood brain barrier. Any infections in the body can then easily enter the brain. Even though current research shows clearly that the blood-brain barrier opens when blood pressure is elevated, your child's pediatrician may not know this, since it is not taught in medical school.
While a child is supposed to develop immunity, his/her immune system is not developed because the inner ecosystem was not established and maintained at birth. The immune system is already overwhelmed dealing with an inherited fungal infection. The child has no ability to resist the assault from 3 live viruses: measles, mumps and rubella (measles has been found on the gut wall by Dr. Andrew Wakefield).
For more on autism and fetal health, read The Myths and Truths of the Mercury/Autism Connection.

Mom's Mood

Establishing a vibrant inner ecosystem is just one way an expecting mother can influence her baby's health; a mother's mood can also help or harm her unborn child.
When a mother is under a lot of stress during pregnancy, her fetus ends up with expanded adrenals and the baby is unable to handle stress. (Adrenals are glands that provide energy to every system in your body.)
When the adrenals are healthy, a person is calm and centered with excellent mental focus. Children who experienced expanded adrenal cells in the womb will be highly intelligent but will find it difficult to concentrate. These children are usually diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD.
Nutrition and lifestyle can significantly impact your health and the health of your baby. If you are planning to have a child, the Body Ecology program is your foundation for creating wellness.

Body Ecology's Pregnancy Protocol

The Body Ecology program's emphasis on establishing a healthy inner ecosystem, cleansing your body of built-up toxins, and nourishing your adrenals is an ideal way to prepare your body for pregnancy.
If you are thinking about becoming pregnant, it's not too late to start thinking about your own health!
The best things you can do to prepare for pregnancy are:
  1. Start the Body Ecology program - this will help both parents build health and vitality to pass on to baby.
  2. Build up a storehouse of nutrients in your cells.
  3. Eliminate toxins that have been accumulating in those cells throughout your life.
  4. Eliminate stress as much as possible before and during your pregnancy.
Crave Pickles and Ice Cream? Try Fermented Foods!
You may have heard of pregnant women who crave the unlikely combination of pickles and ice cream. Craving pickles and ice cream is actually your body's way of saying it needs sour, fermented foods rich in beneficial bacteria and the sugar to feed them.
Unfortunately, most commercial pickles and sauerkraut are pasteurized and contain too much salt and vinegar, so you won't get the health benefits of true fermented foods. For more on beneficial fermented foods and drinks, read: Which Fermented Food Starter Should You Use for What?
The Body Ecology program is the only nutrient-rich, probiotic diet that emphasizes fermented foods and drinks. These superfoods establish plenty of good bacteria in your intestines that quickly populate your birth canal. Maintaining this healthy inner ecosystem is the crucial first step to wellness for you and your baby.
When your baby passes through the birth canal, he/she will be inoculated by beneficial bacteria and be well on the way to establishing his/her own inner ecosystem.
Benefits of the Body Ecology Diet's Fermented Foods:
  • Create A Healthy Inner Ecosystem - Fermented foods lay down the foundation for a healthy inner ecosystem.
  • Provide More Nutrients - When fermented, a food's nutrients increase hundreds of times. The microflora, abundant in unpasteurized, fermented foods, act like enzymes to properly process a food, releasing all the nutrients for you to absorb. At the same time they help retain those nutrients so your blood delivers the best possible nutrients to each growing cell in your baby's developing brain and body.
  • Improve Digestion - The microflora in fermented foods increase the bio-availability of each meal by improving digestion.
  • Reduce Damage From Sugar - Microflora enjoy the sugars in foods and shield you from damage that sugar can often cause.
  • Control Cravings - Fermented foods help control cravings for carbohydrates and provide that sour taste so many pregnant women intuitively crave.
  • Help The Body Detoxify - Microflora will attack toxins, combat parasites and restore the acid/alkaline balance of your intestines.
  • Help Babies Digest Mother's Milk - Mother's milk is nature's most perfect food for babies. But it is critical to establish a healthy inner ecosystem so that the baby digests the milk. We often say that finely pureed cultured veggies and small amounts of fermented beverages should be introduced as "baby's second foods."
Ideally both potential mothers and fathers will follow the Body Ecology diet for 6 months to 2 years before conception. The father's genes contribute to a healthy placenta, liver and adrenals, all important for your baby's immunity.

A Legacy of Health

Nutrition and lifestyle can significantly impact your health and the health of your baby. Whether you are pregnant, nursing or just planning to have a baby some day, the Body Ecology program is your foundation for creating wellness and will help ensure that you have happy, healthy children.
Create a legacy of health and happiness for your baby - readThe Body Ecology Dietto prepare for your pregnancy!
Read more about the Body Ecology system of health and healing and discover tasty recipes for you and your baby inThe Body Ecology Diet.
How You Can Help Reduce the Incidence of Childhood Disease
Sending this article to parents-to-be (even if they are of high school and college age) can help create a legacy of health for generations to come. Donating to BEFORE BIRTH AND BEYOND is another way you can contribute to creating healthy families and babies.
1 Jiminez, April. Junior Weight Wars: Tackling obesity on Long Island. 7 December 2006.
2 Kirby, David. 1 in Every 166 Children Has Autism.
3 The most common vaginal infections are: candidiasis (75%), bacterial vaginosis (16%) and trichomoniasis. Hamilton, Carey. Bacterial vaginosis often goes untreated. The Salt Lake Tribune. December 2006. and Vaginitis Due to Vaginal Infections. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. October 2004.